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Based upon integrity, team work, quality in our logistical expertise, we provide reliable, customer oriented warehousing and transportation services; resulting in quality customer service, loyalty, and the highest reputation in the industry.


New, 412,000 sq. ft. Facility

Totally Committed to Crop Protection

3.5 Million Gallons of Containment

Self Contained

Our new American Warehouse was completed on April 1, 1998 and has safety, safety, safety throughout. It is a concrete tiltup 412,000 square foot building. The warehouse is surrounded with a looped fire hydrant system. An emergency access road behind the warehouse makes for easy entry by the fire department.

There is a 200-horsepower fire pump that supplies the sprinkler system that can pump 2000 gallons per minute. We have 3 different densities in our sprinkler system. The warehouse has seven self- contained 50,000 sq. ft rooms with 2 hour fire walls and automatic fire doors. Each room can hold 106,000 gallons of water and material for a total of 742,000 gallons. The flammable room is 37,000 sq. ft. And in itself is a separate building holding up to 70,000 gallons, for a grand total of 812,000 gallons.

All rooms are slopped inward and have floor drains. From each room the water would drain into the truck wells and parking lot, (which is also slopped inward to the warehouse) and will hold 1.75 million gallons of water and material. That gives us over 2.5 million gallons of containment on an impervious surface. Our bentonite clay lined holding pond has a capacity of 1 million gallons of water and is equipped with a safety valve. In case of fire, the safety value is closed to contain everything on the sealed surface to prevent ground or water contamination.

All employee's are Haz Mat trained, certified and retrained on a regular basis to insure proper handling of crop protection products.

We at American Warehouse feel we have come up with the most modern third party Crop Protection Warehouse facility in the valley.


THANK YOU! Your support and invaluable input and comments over the years has helped to make this dream possible. We are dedicated to servicing you and your customers. This new warehouse is the result of our many years as partners.


"Safety and Service Says it All" has been American Warehouse slogan for years. The slogan is not just words, but it is our daily practice. Born from a great source of pride. The two: "Safety" and "Service" we keep equally balanced and equally at the top of our priority list.


Our service is our pride and joy; with a staff that has over 130 years of combined experience in the AG business, we are confident of our ability to service our customers. Our will calls are top priority. We have four ground level doors for loading and 21 dock high doors. Designed with the will calls in mind, the lobby area is set up for their convenience; we have installed a phone just for their use since we ask that they have their purchase order when picking up a product. The office is designed so that someone will always be available to help when anyone enters. Our new phone system is designed to allow the phone to always be answered during office hours by a "real person" as opposed to a listing of options you generally receive now at most businesses.


We offer versatility with our computer system. It has been designed( with the help of our in-house computer programmer) solely by us. Years ago when we decided to come into the age of the computer world, we were amazed that there really wasn't anything out there to offer as far as software that dealt with the many diversities required in handling several companies, with the multitude of products and cut off dates, not to mention, sizes, classifications, shipping details, hazardous descriptions, etc. Our system accommodates all the many different fields from inventory to sending E.D.I. from each terminal. The terminals besides being connected to the main frame are P.C.'s as well, giving the office staff a lot of versatility for various tasks. We can interface with outside systems for bar coding, EDI, lot control, location systems, E-mail, etc. Our programmer has been with us for years. When someone suggests to us they need a certain report, etc. We go to work on developing something to meet their needs. It has been this way from day one, which over the years we feel we have a unique system that not only meets their needs, but ours, it is user friendly, uncomplicated, easy when training new employees. Not a lot of bells and whistles, just a great tool, (that was our goal), in order to get the job done.

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